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Why Am I Doing This Giveaway?

If I were never given the opportunities of music that I had in my life, I would not be the kind of person I am today. 

Music helped to shape me, guide me, and become a lifeline I could use. The ukulele is one of the most simple instruments to get into. 

If I can give this same experience, hope or encouragement to someone else.
Then I will. 

This will not be the last Ukulele Giveaway, but an introduction to what I would like to see. A world full of access to music.

If you want to contribute to future ESM Ukulele Giveaways, you can contact us through the website or give here:
Cashapp: $EdemSM
Venmo: EdemSM

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* Giveaway ends November 14th!

*Your information will remain private.
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* Winner will be announced on November 21st!



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