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2020 GRAMMY’S Baby

Everyone has goals right? From long-term to short-term goals. Small goals, to large goals. Easy goals and difficult goals. Realistic goals and out-there goals. Well, my goal is this. I want to become an EGOT winner. Now... if you don't know what an EGOT is, that's okay.

An EGOT winner is simply a person who has won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. Now, I often joke that I already have a Tony, because my husband's name is Tony. Lol, so I'm on my way!

So where were we? Oh, yes. The GRAMMY’S.

Well, this has always been my goal. To go, to become nominated, to win and to PERFORM!

You'll be happy to know that I have officially checked of 1/4 of my list!

(Pictured below, me at the GRAMMY’s... Jk, thats Bruno Mars)

It was so surreal. As many of you knew, I entered into an amazing competition put on by Lincoln (The Luxury Motor Vehicle-- Think Mathew McConaughey ). It was for the Lincoln Corsair Chart Your Course campaign. Now dig this. Out of 1,600 submission, I became 1 of 4 finalists... Like whaaaaaattttt????

The whole experience was so amazing. I'll go into depth in another post. But for now, I just want to say. It doesn't matter how ridiculous your goal may sound. If you put in any effort, and you actually try to become better, I honestly believe something and everything will sort itself out. Me and God ride like that. Lol. Here are some photos. From the 1/4 of my Grammy Goal!


My Tony Award

Getting Ready 💖

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