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🧐Picture this. It's 2015. I'm singing during my Jazz club residency, and someone drops a $500 tip in the jar. 🤯🤯🤯


🦋So it wasn't this exact video or moment, but I'll never forget it. I had bills I needed to pay, and only made $75. I was worried and prayed, asking God to help a sista out... Well, that evening, just as I was getting off stage, a person droped 500 dollars into the vase... I looked around but couldn't find them... I'm telling you. Angels, can be anyone, anywhere, at any time. Be an Angel.


💖This video moved my spirit, and I'll tell you why. After this accident, I've been looking into moments and memories that were true breakthroughs. In this video, I was at a time in my life where I learned so much and met so many people. I was only 23 at the time. and very blessed to have been provided the weekly Saturday night residency. It really allowed me to find my voice.


🦋But isn't that what life is about anyway? Finding your voice?


🦋So, what is your voice? That incredible voice that the creator designed? What are the moments that inched you closer to finding that piece of yourself? Hold on to those moments, and remember them.


I had very fond memories, from my time here. The pianist accompanying me is Lewade "Big Wade" Milliner, lead pianist and vocalist from @bigwadeblackswantheory.

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