Before we get started, we have to understand  Identity. Identity is the very essence of who we are. No one else came into this life, to do what YOU were meant to do. And that is the beauty of Identity.


“Edem Soul Music originally Edem K. Garro was both born and raised on the east coast and raised in the Midwest. Edem sings in her native tongue, called ‘Ga’ originating from the Ga Tribe of Ghana, West Africa. Growing up her parents made sure that she always remembered to understand where she came from! They not only taught her the language but the culture as well.  One thing Edem’s mother taught her, was that under no circumstance... Was she ever to forget who she was, or where she came from.


After completing her 2017 UCA residency and Winning the 2018 Omaha Entertainment Arts Award for Best Soul, Edem Soul Music continues to shape her sound with the very instruments she was raised by. Edem Soul Music’s sound ranges from Classical to Hip-Hop. Soul to Folk. Singer-Songwriter to Electronic; all while utilizing stringed instruments like the Ukulele and the Harp, percussive instruments like the Djembe and many more.


As you listen to ESM, you will not only hear her rhythmic African sounds and her ethereal voice, but you will also hear her identity, and hopefully, find yours. You can find more on Edem Soul Music at or on all social media platforms.”